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Fun, Flexible, Future-Directed

The Union University Digital Media program is a fit for anyone who wants to get a great all around communications education. From graphic design, to motion graphics, to web design and development, to video editing and production this program helps you secure skills for any future workplace. If you’d like to just get a competitive edge in your workplace then the DMS minor is probably for you. If you think digital media is the type of thing you want to do as a career then the DMC major is probably your choice.

Hear from Our Alumni

Justin Veneman, Photographer,
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital,
Memphis, Tennessee
Class of 2004

“I graduated with a Digital Media Studies degree ten years ago. While the software and tools I use have changed and evolved, the principles have stayed the same and the ability to adapt to the rapidly changing face of media and the merging of technologies is largely due to the foundation I received in the Communications, Art and Computer Science classes taken in the DMS program.”

Nicole McCoy, Owner,
The Real McCoy LLC
St. Louis, Missouri
Class of 2011

“The Digital Media Studies program exposed me to a variety of digital communication techniques and skills. After going through the program I have a grasp on an array of competencies that allow me to be flexible in the workplace.”

Eric Murrell, Communication Manager,
Long Hollow Baptist Church
Hendersonville, Tennessee
Class of 2005

“I graduated from the DMS program uniquely positioned to enter a marketplace that rejects convention and embraces flexibility. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the variety of disciplines I was exposed to through DMS would create an invaluable framework to build a career around. The friendships and guidance gained from my DMS family have dramatically affected the course of my life.”

Why Choose Us?

What gives us an advantage?

Union’s digital media programs will each give you a competitive advantage in the workplace no matter where you end up. With our student-focused, professional teaching staff we are able to provide you with great networking and internship opportunities that a lot of traditional colleges and universities can’t.

How long will it take?

Depending on which of our two amazing programs you choose:

The DMS program is a minor that is added onto the end of your major which you could work in with your other classes.

The DMC program is a major targeted to help students get well-rounded within the digital media environment. This major will take four years.

What classes will you need to take?

Well, that is a great question! But, it depends on which road you take. If you choose the DMC program that will be your major and you’ll take a broad spectrum of classes within the communications department. But, if you choose the DMS program which is a minor you will be just adding on some classes from the department that we think will be essential to you in the workplace.


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